IT'S OVER 9000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! Thank you so much everyone!

There's always that time of year that I celebrate every 1000 subscriber mark. To think it took me almost 2 years to get me my first 1000 subscriber and all the years that have's pretty crazy...but I can never help but feel grateful every time I get an e-mail telling me that somebody have subscribed to me. I love to make music and produce music more than anything, and I am so glad that I have OVER 9000 (I'll stop that reference now) of you to share my passion with me. I feel so blessed to have you guys watch, like, and share my random and weird videos!

Happy Spring Everyone!! 8DDD from Canada.

Happy Spring Everyone!! 8DDD from Canada.

I feel this would be a good time to leak some upcoming things that I've been...or...going to be up to. 

  1. I'm going to start working on another album this summer. Since Diamond Wings, I've committed that I won't work another album until I become a better composer/player. This new one will be just as ambitious...if not even more so than Diamond Wings. It will feature different spectrums of music and musicians of many different genres both locally and my international friends that I have made from YouTube :) so expect a few new and familiar people in this new album. Like Diamond Wings, this album will be released on iTunes, as well as in physical form in case if any one of you wants a physical CD copy.
  2. I will be applying for a Bachelor in Music Composition at the University of Alberta, so I have literally a month to go from electric guitarist to a classical guitar player...wish me luck >.< whew....
  3. It's not written in stone yet, but Edmontonians, there's a high chance that I will have quite a few events going on in Edmonton this summer such as Heritage Days (China and Jamaica Pavilion) as well as Judging the Animethon Karaoke Competition.
  4. I am composing for an RPG game as well as a few film projects.
  5. Getting a few near gears for my home studio setup such as PreSonus Eris E5 Monitors and VST Softwares
  6. I got my eyes on a beautiful hollow body guitar but it's only available in America, so I will be doing a road trip to Seattle this summer perhaps around June :) come by and say hi if you see me :D I'll be more than happy to meet you ^.^

Those are all the major things that I got in store for you guys.

Again, thank you all so much. To the new subscribers, thank you for liking my works, and to the old subscribers, I love you guys so much and thank you so much for sticking with me all this time. 

Thank you my wonderful subbies <3, stick around for more songs and videos to come!

Let's aim for 10,000!! :DDD