New Original Album In The Works

I am very excited and pleased to announce that I have officially begun working on a new original composition album!

It's been around...4 years (?) since I released my previous and first ever original album Diamond Wings and like any artist, as the years of practicing, progress, and improvements as a musician went on, that album now feels no longer good enough to be my one and only album repertoire. For those of you who has stuck around with me for a long time, I said after the release of Diamond Wings that I will not make a new album until I get better as a composer and musician, as that album reflected my best writing at the time. Despite that, the album sold way better than I thought.

  • Over 1000 total copies sold in 6 months!!!
  • Last time I checked it was over 2000 copies in total!!

That was way more than I could wrap my head around, and for that I want to give a super super warm thank you to everyone who have purchased the album both physically and on iTunes. Your support means so much to me and I am so grateful that you guys enjoyed it based on the feedback I received.

For those of you who did not get your hands on it (I know a lot of you didn't because you guys told me you were too young to have a credit card XD) I hope you will really enjoy and appreciate this one! As I feel it will be a huge improvement from my works from 4 years ago.

So here's a little overview of what to expect from the new album!

  • Songs and pieces of a very wide variety of styles and genres, with inspirations from Asian pop, jazz, classical, film scores, prog rock, celtic, traditional world music, latin, and many more
  • More textures from more instruments! Yes I have learned many more instruments since 4 years ago, and my method is "if you can play it, record it, don't use computer to generate it"
  • Many new and familiar friends to be featured! I know~ what a surprise~ I have friends 8D. I've gotten to know many REALLY KILLER local and international musicians over the years, and I will definitely ask them to share their amazing soul and techniques with you guys through this album, as it will be an amazing pleasure for myself personally to work with them as well.
  • Storytelling - Diamond Wings was mostly a series of songs and pieces that I wanted to write for the sake of getting inspiration out. This new album will feature pieces (or a series of pieces) that will tell a story.
  • FREE CONTESTS - Yes there will be a few contests and prize draws to give away the new album for FREE!
  • Sheet music - Official TABS and sheet music for certain songs will be released to the public.
  • Music videos will be made as well!

So when will the album be released? No set date yet, since it's in the compositional stage right now, and I'm balancing writing and University as well. I will however be keeping you guys updated on the progress of the album.