Edmonton Concept Pop Orchestra First Concert

The Edmonton Concept Pop Orchestra (temporary name) has made its debut performance  (as well as my debut performance in conducting) at Animethon, Edmonton's annual anime convention. The performance was absolutely breathtaking, we had a turnout of hundreds of the most loud, hyped, excited, and passionate audience the members of the orchestra, including myself has had the pleasure of performing for. Thank you Animethon for having us!

This orchestra has been a dream of mine to put together, though I never found the right reason to start it, so when Vicky Lau from Animethon proposed the idea to me, I immediately took it up. It  took us 4 months in total to put together our members and rehearse. All the music was arranged and orchestrated by our guitarist Geoff Li and myself from scratch. Our sets included video game and anime music such as Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Cowboy Bebop, Legend of Zelda,  Sailor Moon, RWBY, and none other than the extraordinary work of Joe Hisaishi from the Studio Ghibli movies. Our orchestra members worked extremely hard for this show, and we all agreed all the hard work has certainly paid off. Stay tuned for more news from the orchestra!

PS. Video of the concert will be coming soon!