God of War - Series Soundtrack Medley -


  • The score is a compilation of two of my videos below
  • The main theme for the new God of War series starts at m.43 and can be performed by itself
  • The theme is also based on the E3 performance for the first reveal of the game, as such, the female Nordic throat singer part has been re-arranged for drum kit, as finding someone to replicate that part would be highly difficult
  • While working with orchestras on this score, I find that it is important to let the strings know that in the original series parts, the amount of brutality and heaviness needed from them is highly important, as they tend to be rather (too) gentle with their instrument, mainly the bowing.
  • MIDI was a part written for our keyboard player who triggered percussion sounds to accommodate the lack of real percussion instruments. So the MIDI can be treated as a percussion part if real percussion instruments are present

This score is free to download and distribute for non-profit purposes.

Notice regarding the score being used in performances, recordings, arrangements, or other projects can be directed to shawnxgmusic@gmail.com