Short Film "The Legend of Mindi" RELEASED

Back in July, I composed for a short film called The Legend of Mindi. The film tells a story about Mindi, a gamer, whose quest is to find a job while at the same time, battling her own with difficulties with cognitive and behavioural skills. She associates the challenges and difficulties that she faces along the way with the challenges she faces in video games, and in her own world finds determination and courage.

Now the Storyhive version is finally out! Here it is!

For insight into the making of this project, check out The Legend of Mindi Storyhive page:

I had a fantastic time scoring for this project, and it was even more fun working with familiar friends from Alpacalypse Productions. I had a great time meeting the cast and crew and working with them to make this project happen!

Thank you Alpacalypse for the opportunity and Storyhive by Telus for making this happen!

Alpacalypse Website:

On set with the Mindi cast and crew!

On set with the Mindi cast and crew!



Ignition - Shawn X.G

Initially a composition made for a client, "Ignition" is my first composition made with mainly electronic instruments. The song was inspired by my interest in cars and driving. I wanted to make a song that fits in the moment of those fun weekend cruises, drives past winding mountain paths, and the feel of the engine rev.