"Elsa vs Zuko" - Soundtrack by Shawn XG - Now Available for Download!

The 2nd Episode of The Edge - "Elsa vs Zuko" made by Alpacalypse Productions is coming out soon! It was such a pleasure scoring for this awesome action packed episode! Expect more great things from Alpacalypse Productions in the future!

To commemorate its release, I am making the soundtrack used for this episode available for stream and download. Hope you'll enjoy!

Heartache (One OK Rock) Cover ft. Veronica Chia

Veronica approached me to do the instrumental for Heartache by One OK Rock. As a fan of the band as well as her voice, I happily obliged. As an acoustic version, I tried to drive the sound and build it a little more without giving too much emphasis to the pulse of the song to give it a more intimate and sentimental feeling. Veronica of course exceeded my expectations and did such a great job at adding more emotion into the song.